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I-EGIRL was founded by Guangzhou Sangu Fashion Co.,Ltd. which already run their women clothing business for more than 6 years, they also offer custom made and OEM serivce, main markets are in China(mainland), Hongkong, Macau and Southeast Asia (as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc).  Minimum order 10 pcs.

Editor Opinion: they started the website since 2010, but already in fashion business over 6 years, it says something. And the price ver[……]

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Why buy from local Chinese wholesalers instead of those English shopping sites

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It’s actually simple!

Most of those English sites wholesale their stocks from the local wholesalers, so they can’t make profit if they don’t add prices! they could still claim wholesale price, but it’s actually not wholesale price anymore!

So why not skip those English sites, and try the local Chinese wholesalers directly!

What? don’t know Chinese? Can’t talk to them? 

You got us!  we could help to deal with them all, only with very l[……]

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BEKIZ for better kids children fashion wearing

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BEKIZ was founded by two international investment companies, who dedicated to middle high range children’s wear with safety and delicacy. And the styles combined international and local elements, so suitable for the kids all over the world. Minimum order 5 pcs.

Editor Opinion: this kids’ wear supplier is from Beijing, very good quality with reasonable prices.  BTW please check out the children’s size chart here. http://www.fashion-bop.com/[……]

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BC36 brand sports shoes wholesaler in Putian

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BC36  is a special China wholesaler both in original brand sports shoes and also replicas brand sports shoes  business, like Nike, Adiddas,ABRRU, Converse, etc. Putian is known as the largest replica shoes base in China, that’s where they are from! Minimum order 12 pcs.

Editor Opinion: No matter you want to wholesale original sports shoes or replicas, they could both fulfill your order.

[Note: BC36 has been combined with www.dukou360.co[……]

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7PIFA wholesale of computers laptops cellphones fittings

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7PIFA is one of the leading e-business company in Shenzhen, China who supply computer related products, digital products, electronics, cellpone fittings, etc. We lower the minimum quantity to reduce investment risk. Minimum order amount 380RMB.

Editor Opinion: if you are in computer, digital products, electronics or cellpone business, you would need this.

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fashion-bop.com, www.fashion-bop.com]

Products Cat[……]

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