Mianjinhuo gear up fashion for men | Korean style man clothing wholesale

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Mianjinhuo is a men clothing wholesaler online from Hangzhou, it’s mainly korean japan fashion styles, more suitable for those who are slim or not that out of shape. primary business: men tshirts, shirts, coats, pants, shoes and accessories. Minimum order quantity 5 pcs.

Editor Opinion: there are not many China online wholesalres who dedicated to men fashion business, this one from Beijing have all kinds of collections of Korean Japan men[……]

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Eshain a special wholesaler in men fashion business 25% off

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Eshain.com is a specific wholesaler in men fashion business. They carry all kinds of ready stocks for men and boys, like tops, pants, men accessories, and shoes. So basically it’s one stop wholesale for guys! Minimum order quantity 30pcs, wholesale 25% off (special offer not included) based on the price marked on the website.

Editor Opinion: This is another men fashion wholesaler besides Mianjinhuo, we should pay more attention to men fash[……]

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Fadhomme “Sir Fashion” for China men clothing wholesale

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Fadhomme is one of the pioneers in men fashion wholesale market Southwest China, founded in 2008. Jeans, pants, shorts, men t-shirts, shirts, suits, down coats, men sweaters, and jackets are our main business. Quality and fame are always our priority. Minimum order 15 pcs.  20% off  for wholesale.

Editor Opinion: Not too many china men clothing wholesalers as I known, but this is another quality one.

 [Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fash[……]

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