Taomeixie leading shoes wholesaler in West China

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Taomeixie.com  is one of the leading and largest online shoes wholesalers in South West China, and  we are supplier of many online sellers and physical stores, and in women fashion shoes business already years. Primary business: fashion boots, spring shoes, sandals and canvas shoes. Minimum order amount 500RMB. Normal size 34 to 39, if you want bigger size(like size 40 to 43), then need custom made, custom made fee(sandal and normal shoes: 10[……]

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IDX a paradise for shoes DIYers, get yourselves unique shoes now!

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IDX.com.cn is one of the fastest shoes DIY service sites in the world, 7 days then it’s done! Shoes styles included sneakers, skateboard, and cool shoes, etc. It’s brand quality and defintely affordable, all original designs! No minimum order required.

Everybody is born unique, and you should have courage to show yourself!
Everyboday is born artist, you got your own color management, no objection.
You don’t want to wear others’ brand, bu[……]

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Jiaoweisi — An international shoes manufacturer but also wholesale

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Jaoweisi — Huidong Jaoweisi Shoes Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003, which located at Huidong, one of the biggest shoes manufacture bases. Primary business:  women shoes, kids’ shoes, slippers, fall shoes, and men shoes.  And our products are sold to all over the world.  Minimum order 5pc/each item/each color, and meanwhile 500RMB minimum.

Tips: usually those items on first pages in each category would be in stock…

Editor Opinion:  this is[……]

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Iliweisi — Online handpaint canvas shoes Supplier, fashion bags wholesale

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Iliweisi — A women shoes supplier located in Guangzhou which starts in 2000. Primary business: women shoes, sandals, hand-painted shoes, cloth/canvas shoes, and fall shoes. They mainly supply taobao sellers, update items very often. Minimum order 10 pcs.

Editor Opinion:  they not only have casual fashion shoes, korean styles,  but they also have some special styles, like hand-painted shoes, lots of nice cute patterns. Young girls would lo[……]

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MX — Women Shoes, Korean Fashion Shoes wholesale

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 mingxuanshoes logo

MX Shoes — we wholesale all kinds of fashion shoes, Korean shoes, spring shoes, summer sandals, fall shoes, winter boots, casual shoes, and shoes accessories. Minimum order 10 pairs. Shopping from China on women shoes now!

Editor Opinion:  there are so many shoes collections, hope you find something you like.

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fashion-bop.com, www.fashion-bop.com]

Women Shoes Wholesale Products Catalogs (by links)


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