PuPufashion wholesale only for hats gloves scarf and socks

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PuPufashion is an online china wholesaler from Yiwu who is only focus on hats, gloves, scarf and socks business.All collections hot and cute, cheap but still with good quanlity. Those stocks could make your fashion business even better. Minimum order amount 300RMB, and 12 pcs/item.

Editor Opinion:  nice choice besides the fashion clothing stocks…  goes perfectly with them. Though it’s summer, but still some cold weather in some places, o[……]

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Doyeah — A trade company specializing in wholesale sexy body-stocking and leggings

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Doyeah —  was founded in 2004,  they used to provide wholesale business, fashion design and photography. Now primary business:  socks/stockings, underwear, and high-heels. Minimum order amount 150RMB.

Editor Opinion:  I found this site occassionally. They have very nice and rare underwear and socks collections. Should be a nice supplier!

[Simon Lau,  Buy Manager,  sales@fashion-bop.comwww.fashion-bop.com ]

Products Categories (by[……]

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51Socks — A supplier only wholesale cheap socks and stockings!

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51Socks — the biggest online socks wholesale network in the whole country.  It starts from 2005, and with all ranges of stock and stockings products.  There are many famous partnership enterprises too.  Minimum order quantity 200-300 items  (10pcs/pack).

Editor Opinion:  if you need a reliable and quality socks supplier, I will recommend you this one.

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fashion-bop.com, www.fashion-bop.com]

Products Cata[……]

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