Calvin Klein underwear wholesaler

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Haihao8 is underwear company who is dedicated to the business for years. Primary business: CK underwear, like CK men shorts, CK men underwear, CK women underpants, and CK women underwear. And it’s one of the major underwear suppliers for those Taobao stores. Minimum order quantity 10 pcs.

Editor Opinion:  this CK underwear wholesaler is much better, recommend you this one.. The last one, they respond much slower than before.

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Xinneiku — ‘Calvin Klein’ underwear, CK underpants wholesaler in Guangzhou

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Xinneiku— A local underwear company who deal with  “CK brand”, both women and men’s.  All sexy styles.. Good quality and competitive prices.  Price range 5 to 20RMB, minimum order 10 pcs, mixed order accepted.

Editor Opinion:  it’s of course not originals with this price range, so let’s just not judge it, ok?  Good price and good quality is all we care about, plus they are sexy!

[Simon Lau,  Buy Manager,  sales@fashion-bop.comwww.fa[……]

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