Baidie88 we only for korean fashion clothing whoelsale

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Baidie88 is a korean fashion wholesale company based in Guangzhou, which has good relationships with many korean fashion factories from Guangzhou and Dongguan. Our korean fashion wholesale styles are the most trendy ones from Korea, so it keeps your stocks fresh and popular. And we promise all orders would be handled with superb speed! Minimum order 5 pcs.

Editor Opinion: If you want to wholesale korean fashion clothing from China, check o[……]

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Yiranmeifushi — Cheap Korean Japanese Kongkong style Fashion with good quality

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Yiranmeifushi  is another online fashion wholesaler from Guangzhou city,   they have many Korean styles, Japanese fashion from the hot sellers in the fashion business, and magazines, updating daily. Price is quite competitive and quality still good. Minimum order 10 pcs. Mixed order accepted.

Editor Opinion:  I checked their stats, kinda very pop in Taiwan and Vietnam, have a look!

[Simon Lau,  Buy Manager,  sales@fashion-bop.comwww.[……]

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Jinyimeng — A Shenzhen Wholesaler specializes in T-shirt business

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Jinyimeng — A fashion company from Shenzhen, which sells Korean style clothes, specializing in T-shirt.  They are all cute and sweet, both for girls and boys.  Minimum amount 1000rmb.

Editor Opinion:  their t-shirt resources are quite nice, price is reasonable, especially those stocks t-shirt.. Have a look, guys!

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager,,]

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T-shirt: http://www[……]

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