ViVishops bring you hot sexy underwearwholesale stocks

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ViVishops is one of the biggest and oldest Korea Japan style underwear wholesalers from Guangzhou, they ‘ve been in business already for 5 years. Their goal is providing people all over the world affordable fashion underwear. Primary business included bra, panty, lingeries, strings and related accessories. Minimum order amount 300RMB, mixed order accepted.

Editor Opinion: They already in Korean Japan style underwear wholesale business real[……]

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Bikimini — A brand new online wholesaler of Japanese Korean underwear

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Bikimini is a brand new online wholesalers of Japanese Korean underwear from Guangzhou,  but they already in the local business for years.  Sexy pajamas, cute undies, and fashion swimsuits are their characteristic.   Price range 5 to 50RMB, and minimum order: 10 pcs of pajamas, 10 pcs of swimsuits, or 48 pcs of the undies, each kind of items could be mixed.

Editor Opinion:  this wholesaler used just to be in local business, their online sa[……]

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