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I-EGIRL was founded by Guangzhou Sangu Fashion Co.,Ltd. which already run their women clothing business for more than 6 years, they also offer custom made and OEM serivce, main markets are in China(mainland), Hongkong, Macau and Southeast Asia (as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc).  Minimum order 10 pcs.

Editor Opinion: they started the website since 2010, but already in fashion business over 6 years, it says something. And the price ver[……]

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Yaqifushi A factory online fashion wholesaler in Dongguan

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Yaqifushi was online fashion wholesaler from Dongguan since 2009, and its original company founded in 2004, we offer the best quality, cheaper price plus superb service, and with our own knitting factory. OEM/ODM orders accepted as well.  Minimum wholesale order amount 500RMB.

Editor Opinion: another factory based online china wholesaler, anthoer option for you! 🙂

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fashion-bop.com, www.fashion-bop.com]


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YI3 A ready stocks Women Clothing Wholesaler

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Yi3 is one of the online women fashion wholesalers who is in business for already years. We focus on wholesale field of Ruili styles, Korean and Japanese fashion. We also have our own garments factory and distribution center, and partnership with more than 150 other fashion factories. After years’ of our effort, we have strong partnership with some Chinese brand clothing suppliers. We will keep to be strict with ourselves so that we could mak[……]

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Xiaotian Garments offers us affordable fashion clothing!

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Xiaotian Garments was founded in 2009, Humen, Dongguan. We are capable of designing, manufacturing and online wholesale. T-shirts, blouses, Jeans, … are our one of the high points.  We will continue our good working in the business, and offer cheaper and good quality wholesale clothing as we could.  Minimum order 100 pcs.

Editor Opinion:  If you want to wholesale from China, like fashion wholesale,  they are like one stop wholesaler for[……]

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OOBYF — Nang9, SZ Fashion, Korean fashion wholesale

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OOBYF —  A local fashion company which sells Nang9, SZ Fashion, Korean collections, and Lee Hyori series. And we also have wig wholesale business. Minimum order 10 pcs(clothes); 5pcs(wigs).

Editor Opinion:  if you both need Korean style fashions and wigs, you could get them from just one supplier… The price in Green color is wholesale price by the way! not bad, right? 🙂

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fashion-bop.com, www.fashion-bop[……]

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