China Shopping

Where to Shop in China

China’s booming economy has led to an explosion of shops in towns and cities. Once fairly uninspired places where you might buy inexpensive souvenirs, work clothes, posters and books, you can now find shops selling everything from chic fashion to high-tech electronics.

Prices at Friendship Stores are fixed, as they are in larger shops and malls but once outside this zone you’re free to bargain. Arts and crafts stores also offer local handicrafts including jade jewelry, embroidery, calligraphy, paintings and carvings in wood, stone and bamboo.

Guangzhou Shopping – China Shopping

With so many people coming to Guangzhou for the Trade Fair, it is quite a good town for shopping. There are a number of large shopping malls here and there throughout the city on top of many markets offering all kinds of items.

Beijing Shopping – China Shopping

Just a few years ago there were only a few department stores and small bazaars in Beijing, but now there are many superstores, mega-malls and markets where you can buy just about anything you need.

Chengdu Shopping – China Shopping

Shopaholics will be in heaven in Chengdu. As the most important city for commerce and trade in this part of China, Chengdu is home to some large shopping malls and street markets selling both domestic and international brands.

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China is a fantastic shopping destination. From bamboo chopsticks to Cultural Revolution memorabilia, whatever your interest, you’re bound to be able to buy it in China. As the world’s factory, you can find just about anything.

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