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China Sourcing

china sourcing agent

FASHION BOP is a professional China sourcing agent who helps you to sources local suppliers/wholesalers/manufacturers to meet your needs. We can help our customers to source for wide ranges of products. This includes not only clothing, bags, shoes, fashion accessories, but also furniture, furnishings, electronic components, solar & energy saving products, sports & Leisure, machinery & Industrial products, stonecast products, handicrafts, shell crafts, gifts, house wares, Christmas decors, natural fibers and ceramics. As long as they are from China.

We believe you would always need a reliable agency to help you run the local business, save your time and cost.

In short, we are your one-stop-wholesale  for china sourcing services. To see how FASHION BOP can help your business to increase profits and maintain a competitive edge, contact us today.

Simon Lau  (Manager)  

Office:  +86(0)20-66639676;         Mobile:   +86 (0)136  6021 7902  

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