Qianziya gets your fashion bags experience

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Qianziya was founded by a Hong Kong invest company in 2006, headquarter located in Guangzhou.  It’s now one of the fashion bags wholesale leaders in the business.  There are many bags manufacturers having partnership with them, and they also have two factories their own. Wholesale prices were offered with minimum order 10 pcs, mixed order accepted. Items price range 20 to 50RMB.

Editor Opinion:  good quality with first hand price, worth a[……]

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Yiranmeifushi — Cheap Korean Japanese Kongkong style Fashion with good quality

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Yiranmeifushi  is another online fashion wholesaler from Guangzhou city,   they have many Korean styles, Japanese fashion from the hot sellers in the fashion business, and magazines, updating daily. Price is quite competitive and quality still good. Minimum order 10 pcs. Mixed order accepted.

Editor Opinion:  I checked their stats, kinda very pop in Taiwan and Vietnam, have a look!

[Simon Lau,  Buy Manager,  sales@fashion-bop.comwww.[……]

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Wu18 just for your own show costume! sexy and fashionable!

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Wu18 is running by Dongguan 518 fashion company, and they start the business since 2006.  Primary business: show costume, christmas costume, dance soul, party costume, evening clothes, bar costume, cosplay, pole dance costume, hiphop costume, etc. They specializing in sexy fashion clothing for bars, parties and stages,  create a leading brand in the business.  Minimum order amount 3000RMB, and 2 pcs/each style.

Editor Opinion:  there are n[……]

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GZLady88 — Fashion and Branded Handbags Online Wholesaler

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GZLady88 is a fashion and branded handbags online wholesaler based in Guangzhou. Not only for women, but some of them are also  suitable for men. They believed in honesty, quality and service!  Minimum order 10 pcs.

Editor Opinion:  this supplier is focus on higher class products, though price is a little higher,  I think worth it.

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager,  sales@fashion-bop.comwww.fashion-bop.com]

Products Categories (by links):[……]

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Yangyang–Fashion Accessories Wholesale, all kinds of little cute stuff

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Yangyang Fashion Accessories Wholesale — mainly wholesale all kinds of fashion accessories, like fashion purses, necklaces, earnings, hairband, rings, scarf, hats, gloves, watches, etc. Minimum order amount 200RMB.

Editor Opinion:  you really could buy all kinds of fashion accessories up there, anything little cute girl stuff you could name.  Strongly recommend, and very cheap too. Bet girls would like it.

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sale[……]

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