Taobao Stores Authority Guide (A MUST READ guidance page for Taobao Shopping Spree)

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Taobao Guide

When you shopping on or, no matter you are Chinese or Foreigners,  I bet you would love to deal with quality and reliable Taobao stores or sellers for better experience.  And I think you did get many many recommended ones online or from your friends, family or colleagues, right?  sometimes, that becomes really personal, not the common point.

Today, we represent you a simple Taobao Stores Authority Guide, list with all[……]

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2012 Let’s Shopping for Christmas on Taobao now, guys!

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Christmas is coming very close, guys, are you ready for the holiday shopping?

[Simon Lau,   Buy Manager,,]


Taobao Christmas Shopping

All Christmas related:

Christmas wallpaper/stickers;  Christmas decoration;  Christmas decoration 2;

Christmas materials;  Christmas costumes (girls);  Christmas cos[……]

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Taiwan Shop in Taobao, Global Shopping

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taiwan shop


Many people asked us about Taiwan collections, like Yahoo Taiwan shops, unfortunately we have problems to pay those Taiwan Yahoo sellers..  But we do have options, most of  brand Taiwan Shops have Taobao official stores, so we could still help you!

Like Catworld, Orangebear, PG Beauty, Mayuki, Princess Show, Queenshop, …. if you are a Taiwan fashion fan, you would know. There are many more hot brand Taiwan shops of course.[……]

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Some pop Taobao Categories in English

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Here are some pop selected Taobao categories in English, you could use Google translate service if you need help.  You could also check out the Taobao General Categories.  (Prices all in Chinese yuan/RMB/CNY.)



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Taobao Categories: the latest offers for all!! In English Lists

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General Taobao Categories in English

Enter keywords in English and click Translate, then click Taobao Search

And you could also click the following categories links directly to search your items:

Mobile & Digital

shops UNPROFOR | chinese products | photo printing | digital cameras | digital audio-visual|Iphone4| Ipad | Mp3&Mp4

Computer & Laptop

Internet books | computer installation | computer hardware | home[……]

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