DoDoRa is a Taiwan brand,  they supply all kinds of comestics for girls, like  DoDoRa nipple pigment lightening essenceDoDoRa shining fruit lip gloss,  DoDoRa diamond stocking cream,  DoDoRa all in one girl body hair removalDoDoRa charm girl nourishing hand cream, etc.  And there are some other DoDoRa products, but it’s liquids, kinda hard to deliver abroad because the liquids is restricted.


DoDoRa nipple pigment lightening essence wholesale

[12RMB($1.93USD)/piece,  100 pcs minimum, wholesale only.]

dodora nipple pigment lightening essence


DoDoRa shining fruit lip gloss wholesale

There are 3 flavors: strawberry, rose and honeydew;

[12.2RMB($2.00USD)/piece,  100pcs minimum, wholesale only.]


Another hot brand Hello kitty lip gloss

if you are hello kitty fans? can’t miss this lip gloss!!! girls

[(15RMB/$2.5USD)/piece,  100pcs minimum, wholesale only.]





DoDoRa diamond stocking cream wholesale

Still wearing stocking, your are so out!  try dodora diamond stocking cream, as thin as 1/20 of the traditional stockings!  kinda hot seller in summer.

[12.5RMB($2.02USD)/piece,  100pcs minimum, wholesale only.]

dodora stocking cream


DoDoRa all in one girl body hair removal wholesale

[25RMB($3.97USD)/piece,  30pcs minimum,  wholesale only.]

dodora all in one girl body hair removal


DoDoRa charm girl nourishing hand cream wholesale

[10RMB($1.59USD)/piece, 50pcs minimum, wholesale only.]

dodora charm girl nourishing hand cream

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