Happy New Year! Chinese Lunar Year :D

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Dear All,

Happy New Year! Happy Chinese Lunar Year!!  Happy Spring Festival!!!  😀

It’s 2010 now!  Hope  the business of all of us better and better!

Spring Festival is one of the most important day in China, almost everybody will be on vacation during the time. And we will be back to service as soon as possible. Estimate time around 20th, Feb. ,  delivery service and Chinese suppliers too.  We will be still do our best to help you guys in this new year.

It’s also Valentine’s Day, So Happy Valentine’s Day too, guys! 

God bless!

Simon (Fashion Bop)


PS: Some Chinese Traditional Activities during Spring Festival

*Sweeping:  everyone will sweep on 24th, Dec.(Lunar), why?  Because sweeping dust means get rid of old stuff, bad luck something like that.  “dust” pronouncing the same as “old” in Chinese.

*Spring Festival Couplets:  people like to post couplets in front of their gates/doors, to make a good holiday phenomenon. And we also post Chinese “Fu” too, it means good fortune, and hope it will make us all year safe and good luck.

*Stay-Up at New Year Eve:   family in China will stay up at the last day of the year.  As  old saying, everybody gather together, and to keep away from Monster called “Nian”.  And now we also could stay together and watch Spring Festival Party on CCTV.

*Fireworks:  everybody will light fireworks(firecrackers) to celebrate on the first day of the New Year.  They also say its cracking sound could scare off the Monster “Nian”.  😛  But it’s now forbiden by most big cities for fire alarm.

*Rice Cake:  very trational food in Chinese New Year. Different ingredient from place to place in China.

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