Partial Lists of What we bought for our customers

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This is a part list of what we bought for our customers, just for your consideration, if you could find something on yourself and more, that will be even better.

More coming up soon… …

☆☆Read our How to Order  and  Payment pages please if you are ready to order.☆☆


Cute and lovely USB flash memory, flash drive


Unbranded table pc; Chinese brand pad computer

[Transparent Poly/plastic bags:  with stick-on for clothes, accessories inner packing etc..  Size(cmxcm):22×32, 24×35, 26×35, 28×40, 30×40, 30×45, 33×45, 35×45, 35×50, 40×50, 35×55, 40×55, 40×60, 40×65, 45×65…   Price range:  8RMB to 25RMB/100pcs (1pack=100pcs), minimum order 10 pack.  If need larger size like 50×70,80,90,100,110, 12o,140,150..Those need to be custom made..  FACTORY PRICE! ]


[Wooden Slippers: rubber material on the soles, size 35 to 40, random color,  9.5RMB/pc]


[Wire Hairband: plastic material, slight stretchy, random colors, 0.9RMB/pc]


[Cellphone accessories toys:  looks great on your cellphones!  random styles,  5RMB/pc,  50pcs minimum. ]

 cute shy bear

   sleepy bears

  lovely bunny family

More plush toys, you could use “Taobao Search“.


  Sexy lingeries, stockings, cosplay…

    supreme mailman

     slim slippers


cute tshirts, of course there are many other styles…

   professional makeup…

   LED watch

  fashion bags


 mosquito-curtain(summer must-have!  1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m)

    tent (for your cool camp)


cute hand-painted shoes, canvas shoes


 Iphone 4 peels — Hot!

Meizu M9(as good as Iphone, but half cheaper!!)

Levono U series laptop, as good as Mac Air, but cheaper!

Missha BB cream, famous korean cosmetic brand.


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