19EF — Fashion tail products wholesaler and supplier

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19EF — A fashion tail products wholesaler and supplier from Guangzhou.  They would usually update many tail products time to time. Winter tail fashion, fall tail clothes, spring tails, and four-season pants. Minimum order 200 items, (100 items if winter fashion), at least 10 pcs for each style.

Editor Opinion:  If you need large quantity cheap and quality clothes, you could think about fashion tail products.  What’s tail fashion?  If one do  OEM/ODM orders with those manufacturers, and they made too many more extras, those called tail fashion stocks, and the manufacturers will usually sell to the wholesalers with much lower price. Tail order fashion shopping from China!

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fashion-bop.com, www.fashion-bop.com]

Products Catalogs (by links):

All items(also homepage): http://19ef.com/index.htm

Winter tail stocks:                 http://19ef.com/dongji.htm

Fall tail clothes:                     http://19ef.com/qiuji.htm

Spring tail fashion:               http://19ef.com/chunji.htm

Four-season pants:              http://19ef.com/kuzi.htm

Some screenshots from 19ef (Click to enlarge):


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