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mianjinhuo logo

Mianjinhuo is a men clothing wholesaler online from Hangzhou, it’s mainly korean japan fashion styles, more suitable for those who are slim or not that out of shape. primary business: men tshirts, shirts, coats, pants, shoes and accessories. Minimum order quantity 5 pcs.

Editor Opinion: there are not many China online wholesalres who dedicated to men fashion business, this one from Beijing have all kinds of collections of Korean Japan men fashion.

[Note: they update a new website baokuanhui.com for faster browsing experience, and they will only update the new website since now.  but they still will keep the mianjinhuo.com site, that’s only for summer collections.]

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager, sales@fashion-bop.com, www.fashion-bop.com]


Their online men clothing wholesale categories:

[New website]

New arrivals:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery—1–1–grid.html

Men t-shirts:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery-1-grid.html

Men shirts:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery-2-grid.html

Men Coats:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery-3-grid.html

Men pants:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery-4-grid.html

Men shoes:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery-5-grid.html

Men underwear:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery-6-grid.html

Accessories:  http://www.baokuanhui.com/?gallery-7-grid.html


[Old website – summer collections]

Special Offer:    http://www.mianjinhuo.com/?gallery-31-grid.html

Men t-shirts wholesale: http://www.mianjinhuo.com/?gallery-1-grid.html

Men shirts wholesale:   http://www.mianjinhuo.com/?gallery-2-grid.html

Men coats wholesale:   http://www.mianjinhuo.com/?gallery-4-grid.html

Men pants &  jeans:       http://www.mianjinhuo.com/?gallery-5-grid.html

Men shoes wholesale:  http://www.mianjinhuo.com/?gallery-6-grid.html

Fashion accessories:    http://www.mianjinhuo.com/?gallery-7-grid.html




Some pictures from Mianjinhuo(click  to enlarge):

mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats           mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats          mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats

mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats           mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats           mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats

mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats           mianjinhuo men fashion clothing wholesale tsrhits shirts pants coats

☆☆Read our How to Order  and  Payment pages please if you are ready to order.☆☆

◆Download◆:      * Order Form *;          Example Order;          Invoice Templet.



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24 Responses to “Mianjinhuo gear up fashion for men | Korean style man clothing wholesale”

  1. Juma Yacoub says:

    I am interesting to buy wholesale from ur company, how we can do it? Letme know


    Simon Reply:

    @Juma Yacoub,

    You could download our order form (on homepage and How to Order page), put the items you like into our order form, included items links, prices, qty, colors etc.. Also don’t forget to put your detail contact info. We will take care of all the rest, that’s it. Thanks.


  2. Alan says:

    Hi i am looking for fashion t shirt,shirts,blazer and sweater. What does your company provides? Free free to contact me at alan****@hotmail.com thanks


    Simon Reply:


    There are many wholesalers in our directory, please check them out one by one.. If you are interested, you could download our order form to start.
    Email us your wholesale list, and we will update you the total amount, and take care of all the rest. Thanks!


  3. craig singleton says:

    hello there, can you please tell me how i go about ordering products from the site that i have given you. it is no problem for me to translate the website into english but i cannot place an order as they do not ship to the uk. they also dont have any contact imformation on there website i.e an email address so i can email them. the prices on there website are quite good. but my main worry is about the shipping cost. i hope you can help me. thanks


    Simon Reply:

    @craig singleton,
    Hi, it’s pretty simple! Please download our order form(download page) and make your order list, email us, we will calculate the total cost and take care of all the rest!

    They are our local wholesalers, even I gave you their email, they probably won’t reply you. We are the one taking their foreign orders. Thanks!


  4. Khai Yuen says:

    Hi, I’m from singapore and i’d like to ask whether what payment method is accepted?


    Simon Reply:

    @Khai Yuen,

    You could check out this payment page, we basically accept T.T, Western Union, Moneygram and Paypal. Thanks.


  5. Bryan says:

    Hi, i would like to resell these products, could i ask if i have the permission to use photos online on their websites to publicize the products?


    Simon Reply:


    Of course you could use their photos, we already have the deal with our partner wholesalers. Hope you good luck!
    And let me know if you need any of further help. Thanks.


  6. Dylan says:

    Do you have a pre-order basis payment?
    If I’ll be doing a dropship, will the name of our shop be the one written in the receipt?
    Do you accept wholesale in this site: http://www.chinaclothesfactory.com ?

    Thank you!


    Simon Reply:


    Yeah, we could help you on this.. you could email us the order list, and we will take care of the rest. There would be no name write on the receipt… you could just tell them it’s from your China warehouse.. 🙂

    For the site you referred, yeah, it’s from Guangzhou too, we could help to order from them. no problem.


    Dylan Reply:

    @Simon, Hi,

    I’d like to ask if how much is the charge for the shipping fee if DPEX is used?
    Do you accept orders from this site: http://www.dressky.com ? Do you do free shipping with this site? Will my orders be according to their prices without the shipping fee?

    Do you have a free shipping service?


    Simon Reply:


    we only deal with local wholesalers dear.. but if you want to order from them, we could help… they will still charge us domestic..
    if you are interested, please send us the order list. thanks


  7. William says:

    Hi! Those sites seem really nice. I’m wondering how you can switch the site language to English if it’s available? Thanks.


    Simon Reply:


    We only represents Local china wholesalers, dear!
    That’s why all our suppliers websites are in Chinese, you don’t have to read all the Chinese, please browse supplier’s website with our english guide page categories..

    The following info is very helpful:
    Price all in RMB,
    Exchange rate: 1USD = 6.25RMB
    We will update the total amount once we got your order list, all the rest job is ours.

    If you really want to read those Chinese, try Google translate…
    If you still have questions, talk to us online please.


  8. Ramon Ladriye says:

    I’m very interested in purchasing some items from some of the wholesale websites. I’ve sent in an e-mail and I haven’t received an e-mail back yet. I just want to know how long it takes to receive a reply.


    Simon Reply:

    @Ramon Ladriye,

    We usually will reply asap.. I noticed your email went into our spam folder… I just added your email into our contact, so it should be fine next time..Your current emails all being replied. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  9. mckay says:

    do you do silk scream printing on t-shirt


    Simon Reply:


    Yeah, we could arrange that, there are many textile sprint companies in Guangzhou, what kinda tshirts you want to custom made print?
    You could email us the styles, and materials, and how many pcs you want to order? and then we could update you the quote. Thanks!


  10. Jones says:

    I would like to order 150 shirts. With my company logo and custom tag. Can your company assist me with this process


    Simon Reply:


    What kinda tshirt you want?
    Long sleeve or short? round neck collar or? plain color, or what color?

    and please also inform us the logo, and size of the logo, and where you want to print the logo..
    we will quote you asap, thanks


  11. Felice Fawn says:


    I am looking to buy wholesale clothing in bulk, large quantities, from http://www.baokuanhui.com/

    200-400 items approximately for first order.

    However, I am English and struggle to understand and navigate the website and prices. Can you help?

    Thank you.


    Simon Lau Reply:

    @Felice Fawn,
    Hi dear
    First, please download our order table… browse their products categories, and put the items basic info into the order list, like Items links, price, quantity…
    The price is all in RMB, also called CNY, or Chinese yuan, exchange rate is 1USD = 6.15RMB..
    If you saw two prices in the page.. put the lower one, because that’s wholesale price.. We will ask for more discount when your future bulk orders.
    If you need help, please try Google translate.. But you don’t really need to read those Chinese. Click those links, check out the pictures, and prices, that’s the main thing you only need to do.Thanks.