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Taobao is the biggest shopping marketplace for consumers in China and Asia, selling to relate from clothing, digit products to food… all kinds of consumer goods with very competitive price and quality. Founded by parent Alibaba Group in 2003, registered users over 0.15 billion,  it facilitates transactions between individual consumers and a wide range of sellers such as retailers, wholesalers, and other individuals. Similar to eBay, sellers are able to post new and used goods for sale on the Taobao marketplace either through a fixed price or negotiated sale or by auction.

Primary competitors include eBay, yet reports have shown that Taobao has over 65% of the auction market and is growing.

Editor Opinion:  If you could get a reliable Taobao agent, you bet that you will get lots of cheap and quality stuff up there, like women fashion clothing, men clothing, kids’ apparel, fashion accessories, toys like Barbie doll, even digit products and electronics.  This is just a start,  we will update more and more good fashion resources main from China. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us. Shopping from Taobao very superb secure.

Most active taobao agent@:  Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa…

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Taobao English Products Categories:

If you can’t read Chinese, you could always use Translation Tools

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Here there are few taobao sellers’ links as example (we could search and offer more):

[***Taobao Shopping***]–

Fashion Trends in 2012:

ஐ Women Casual Clothing:


(base zoo)

ஐ Europe styles,  Plus sizes, Super sizes

ஐ Wedding & Evening Dresses:

There are many other qualified weddings suppliers too, and most of them offer Custom Made service, and you would need this chart to measure some basic information of  the body. If you have the budget, please let us know, we will search the styles based on that.

ஐ Fashion clothes for Middle-Aged Women

 middle aged women fashion clothes collections;

 middle aged women fashion clothes taobao stores.


ஐ The Unisex Look & Parent-Child Attire
ஐ Fashion Bags: (all  same price 29RMB)

ஐ Straw bags,Knitted handbags,cloth/canvas bags:

ஐ Wigs & related accessories:

ஐ Sexy Lingeries: (10-70RMB)

ஐ Leggings:

ஐ Brand with first class Quality(like Free Sexy, Ali0 Moon):

ஐ Hot japanese slimming sets! (Recommend!)

ஐ Hot Milky Foot !!  (Recover your sexy feet!)

ஐ Kids’ Clothes, Babes outfits: (20-50RMB)

ஐ Men’s Garments

 Fashion Jeans:

ஐ Toys, Teddy Bear, Bunny, Tigers, etc.

ஐ Slim Shirts/ Chemise, Pants for Slim Men!!

ஐ Hiphop /Cool t-shirts, relax/dickies pants:

ஐ Shoes:

ஐ CROCS SANDALS/SLIPPERS (for kids, women and men!)

ஐ Socks:

ஐ Fashion Accessories:

ஐ Silver accessories:

ஐ Straighteners, hair dryers, curlers:

click here to check out the straighteners sellers list

click here to check out the hair dryers sellers list

click here to check out the curlers sellers list

ஐ LED Lip Gloss (Hot!):

click here to check out the led lipgloss list

ஐ Household, Curtains:

ஐ Bedding’s, Sheets, Quilt Cover, Pillow Cases:

click here to check the bedding’s seller 1;  (all kinds of items from this seller)

click here to check the bedding’s seller 2;  (all kinds of items from this seller)

click here to check the beddling’s seller 3. (new bedding seller but nice collections)

ஐ Shopping/Grocery bags:

ஐ Fake food/fruits, funny stuff:

ஐ For your Pets (doggy, cattie…)

ஐ [***Personal Shopping***]–Original search links with many many sellers:

–Wedding dress: Click here!

–Wedding shoes: Click here!

–Wedding acc.:     Click here!

–Kids and baby clothes: Click here 1; Click here 2.

–Women fashion:  Click here 1; Click here 2.

— Men clothes: Click here 1; Click here 2.

— Watches: Click here 1; Brand Watches: Click here 2.

–All women fashion stores: Click here!     <— All stores links, same as below

–All men clothes stores:   Click here!

–All kids’ &babes’ outfits stores: Click here!

–Electronics products:    Click here!

–Digital Products:              Click here!

–Household&Beddings:    Click here!

–Tradditonal Chinese artcraft:    Click here!

–Plush toys:    Click here!
–Sex Shops:

… …

[some screenshots from, click them to see full images]:





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