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Yzsy2008 — A online wholesale website sells all kinds of Chinese brand fashion, which has partnership with many brands. Primary brands: Aiboli(Japan), SZ(replica), F.R.,  EFC(men),  E Go,  You.Too., Styleonme, Loyer, Xianwei, Binman, Oumei, Erchang, Yunge, Tiacy, G&Q, Missthea,  E-ver(men), Marloca,  Fadier, Emiyu, Xueniya, Hanger, Qianhuizi, Emyshow, Doremi, HanEE, Sveta, and Colorful Girl/Secai Girl. Minimum order 10 pcs, mixed order accepted.

Editor Opinion:  If you need some brand fashion resources with very good quality, these Chinese brands could help you.  Truly worth the price!

[Simon Lau, Buy Manager,  sales@fashion-bop.comwww.fashion-bop.com]

Products Categories (by links):

Aiboli:  http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass152.aspx

SZ:          http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass29.aspx

F.R.:      http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass179.aspx

EFC:      http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass219.aspx

E Go:    http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass37.aspx

You.Too:  http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass31.aspx

Styleonme: http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass148.aspx

Loyer:          http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass45.aspx

Xianwei:       http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass33.aspx

Binman:       http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass40.aspx

Oumei:         http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass223.aspx

Erchang:     http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass203.aspx

Yunge:        http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass167.aspx

Taicy:         http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass99.aspx

Q & G:         http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass210.aspx

Missthea: http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass183.aspx

Yiweier:   http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass207.aspx

Marloca: http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass35.aspx

Fadier:     http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass187.aspx

Emiyu:   http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass36.aspx

Xueniya: http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass42.aspx

Hanger:   http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass103.aspx



Doremi:   http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass39.aspx

HanEE:   http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass132.aspx

Sveta:        http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass112.aspx

S. Girl:      http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass159.aspx

Accessory: http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass178.aspx

Volatile oil:http://www.yzsy2008.com/ShowClass145.aspx

Some screenshots from yzsy2008(click to view full images):



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  1. Jenny Chua says:

    Hi Simon,

    I wish to go into this website and take a look at their clothings, however the webpage seem to be down. Please advise

    Jenny Chua


    Simon Reply:

    @Jenny Chua,

    Yeah, they got a tech problem apparently.. so sorry for that.
    Please choose other clothing wholesalers in our directory. ok? Thanks.