Canton Fair? Really your type??

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Canton Fair?

It’s kinda 110th Canton Fair right now, many oversea buyers rush into China, and try to look for a suitable suppliers for themselves. If you are a group company, need to order very large quantities, Yes, you really should go to Canton fair and meed those big China suppliers, but there are actually many smaller oversea buyers, and they join the rush, and went to Canton Fair,  Well, it’s nice to see those fancy pavilions, but they easily got shocked by those big suppliers’ minimum quantity, thousands pieces for single prodcts…

Yeah, that’s not our game, so the smaller buyers are about to have some fun and go back home, or they want to find some suppliers with much smaller minimum. Could it be done?

Yeah, of course.

There are millions of  such suppliers, The only problems, they don’t have those nice way to get known by the oversea buyers,  they need a bridge! And the buyers need it too, they need someone’s professional advice to source some reliable suppliers with small quantity minimum.

Fashion Bop :  A China agnecy decicated to sourcing all kinds of wholesalers with smaller quantity minimum suppliers, such as fashion clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics and electronics.  10 pcs, 50 pcs, 100pcs…. etc, it’s all ok.

You could check out our website for more details, and use our order form to make your list. Thanks.

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