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The most important thing for maintaining leather goods is to use them with attentions. If you have a handbag, pay attentions to prevent it from being scratched or polluted. There is some general knowledge about how to keep up handbags for you. You are supposed to handle the problem before it happened.

The leathers have a strong ability in absorbing. Pollution should be kept away from it, especially those top grade dull polish genuine ones.

We should bedew the dry towel and then wring the water out and repeat this several times. Then you can smooth the leather with the towel.

If there is some dirt on the leather, you should clean it with wet sponge mixed with humoral wash. Then you can let it dry naturally. Before you use it in due form, you can try it on some inconspicuous corners.

If the leather gets dirty by the drinks, you should immediately absorb the moisture with a clean cloth or sponge. Then a wet cloth can be used to smear it. Let it dry naturally instead of using a blow drier.

If grease touches the leather, you’d better use a cloth to clean it, the rest can disappear itself. Water is not supposed to used to wash the leather.

If you happen to find any holes, raggedness or burns, don’t try to mend it yourself. Professional service is your best choice.

Never put the furniture where the leathers are kept in into harsh sunburn. This will lead the leathers dry, crack and fade.

Small scars can’t be avoided on the surface of the high-quality leathers. You can desalt the small scars with your hands or the axunge.

If the leathers get wet by the rain, you need wipe the water drops away and put it in the cool and ventilated place for air-dry. Never dry it with fire or the harsh sunburn.

Before you use leather care products, you can use few to have a small test on the bottom of the bag or some inconspicuous places. If no problems appear, you can apply them to the whole leather.

If crimples appear on the leathers, you can smooth them with a flatiron by setting the temperature for woolens.

Maintain the hardware on the leathers; you should clean it with a dry cloth after you have used it. If oxygenation happens, you can try flour or toothpaste to clean it. And lacquer-surface leather can be cleaned by ordinary soft cloth.

Maintenance of the luster leathers

You can use few grease specially for leather care. Then rub a little harder on the leathers. When it comes to the maintenance of the non-luster leathers, you just need clean it with a cloth in usual times. If it is very dirty, you can try to clean it with rubber like rubber erasers.

If dirt appears on the leather, you can try to use a leather of the same color cloth with alcohol and clean it.

Suede leather needs soft animal furs to clean the dust and dirt on the surface. If it is polluted seriously, you can try to spread the dirt in four directions evenly with an eraser to eliminate it.

Maintenance of patent leather, grease leather, PU leather

1, Patent leather and Maintenance

1), What is patent leather: the bits and pieces leathers of the genuine leathers will be smashed into slurry and then will be made into leathers again. It is more alike plastic and the surface is smooth. Corium is the first layer of animal furs. It is not compounded by manpower and generally the cowskin being worked over. The crinkled patent leather is most widely used recently, the feature is it feels good and is very soft. During the process of making the crinkled leather, first you should bulge and make the leather soft, and then patent can be used. The brightness is nothing less than the mirror face patent leather. The crinkles are alike the veins of the steel glasses. The leather is soft and the cowskin feature can’t be avoided. The bag with patent leather is very soft.

2), The maintenance of patent leather

The dust on the surface of the patent leather bag can be cleaned by a wet cloth or you can clean it by leather cleanser or cleansing cream. Brighteners can’t be used because they will cause the artificial coat break off to make the surface crinkled. If the patent leather bag is scratched, you should clean the scratch first. Mix the albumen with the leather grease of the same color and put together with the bag and wipe the mixture. It takes time to dry it till the scratch is higher than the surface. The next day, you can use a soft cloth polishing till flat.

2, Grease leather and Maintenance

1), What is grease leather: grease leather can be divided into horse grease leather and cow grease leather. The leather itself has grease filtered inside the cortex which avoids the leather be exposed in the air for a longer time and become dry till crinkles appear. This kind of grease won’t pollute the clothes. Due to the different methods of making, the grease leather feels really good and has natural lines of genuine leathers. There is no need to put more grease. At anytime, the lenitive appearance and meticulous tactility can be kept. Because of this unique feature, grease leather is very popular this year and becomes the most used surface material of first-class bags. Cow grease leather is a kind of the cow skin surfaces. It belongs to top class products. The coat is as thin as water. It has a strong ability of absorbing and infiltration. It feels good and it is smooth. The leather contains grease and it is hard to get mildewed. Germ is hard to appear and there is no abnormal odour. Cow grease leather is very hard to tear. The international market price of cow grease leather is $2.2 for one inch. And the price of cow fur is usually below $2.

2), The maintenance of grease leather: grease leather has domino effects of crinkles and color changes. It is normal thing for different parts have different colors. You need to prevent it from water and pollution when you use it. It is advised to clean it with leather clothes or sofa cleanser. Remarkably, there is no need to worry about the scratches on the cow grease leather. The scratches will disappear if you use a soft cloth and rub it. If you find the color of the bag begins to fade, you need to add grease. Never use all kinds of clean grease for bags; you just need brush it with dry cloth.

3, PU leather and Maintenance

1), What is PU: PU leather is abbreviation of polyurethane. It is also called PU leatheroid. The inverse side of the PU leather usually uses the second leather of cow fur. Then wipe a PU colophony on the surface, so it can be called cowskin with a velamen. PU leather is completed by manpower, it is leatheroid. Basic on the environmentalism, this kind of material made by manpower can feel like genuine leather and it is also substantial and practical. It is cheap of course. The other two pigskins are not PU leathers. Some broken leathers will be crushed and some adhesive are used to make PU leathers. They are still leathers but not those natural ones. Anyway the animal furs are all better than PU leathers.

2) , Maintenance of PU leathers: the bags of PU leathers had better be cleaned by cleansers. As for the parts where colors have faded away, there is no way to fix back. So be careful when you use them. There is an uncommon material named anti-skin, the kind of skin touches coarse. There is no blare and no grease can be added. It gets dirty easily. But crinkles are hard to appear and the shape won’t change. So it is very popular till now.

Tips for bags maintenance

1, Cloth material Bags

1), When you are travelling, dust can easily appear on the cloth bags. So you need to clean it with a cleaner at regular intervals. But don’t make the brush cling the cloth in case dirt will be kept in the cloth.

2), If there is some dirt on the surface material. You can use water mixed with cleanser to bedew the towel first and then wipe the dirty place for several times. Then you can leave the bag there getting dried itself.

2, Tips for Leather Products Maintenance

If you use some coarse cleaners or powder cleaners mistakenly, they will do some damage to the leathers. Generally speaking, soft shampoo liquor of daily maintenance is enough, and this kind of leathers cleaning products can be found in the market easily. The lubricant in it can keep the plasticity of the leathers. Some strong dirt can be dealt with soft cleaners. If the leather is damaged, you can wipe some bland, achromatic color leather protection cream. Then clean it with soft cloth, it can let the leathers shine again and prevent it from being dried. No matter what kind of leather products you have chosen, all the tips mentioned above can ensure your leather produces keep clean and charming. Even the most beautiful leather products, we won’t put it aside just for people to watch them; we will use them every day, just like daily products all over the world. So no matter shoe leather, leather accouterment and etc., they all need careful care.

Following are the most common examples of damage the leathers and solutions to them:

1, Besmirch and dirt

Use a clean sponge with soft soap to wipe the dirt and clean it with water and let the leather dry itself. If the dirt is hard to clean, you may need cleanser liquor. Be careful with the wiping; avoid damaging the surface of the leathers.

2, High temperature and sunburn

Don’t let the leather products be exposed to the sun or be close to any fever heaters; otherwise the leather will get drier and drier. What’s more, the flexibility and softness will disappear gradually.

3, Juice

If this happens, you should dry it with clean cloth or sponge. You can wipe the juice with wet cloth and warm water and then let the leather dry naturally.

4, Butter or grease

You need a clean cloth to wipe the grease on the surface. Let the rest grease absorbed in the leathers, don’t use water when wipe the butter.

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