How to Choose Shoes to Wear With Jeans?

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Jeans, the most celebrated fashion item America has created, can be paired with just about any of your shoes. Jeans are versatile, fun and always understood.

  • Step 1
  • Consider the color of the denim. The darker the color, the dressier the jeans.

  • Step 2

    Remember that denim is a heavy material, and it should be coupled with shoes of a heavier weight, such as leather.

  • Step 3

    Pair dark blue or black jeans with leather sandals or Mary Jane-style pumps for an informal evening out.

  • Step 4

    Choose ankle boots or loafers when the climate gets cooler. Match socks to shoes for a dressier look, or incorporate a color that complements your top for a preppier contrast.

  • Step 5

    Wear cowboy boots or knee-high boots with boot-cut jeans. The wider leg will allow the shaft of the pant to hang comfortably over the boot. Tucking jeans into boots is a rather awkward look and can become uncomfortable.

  • Step 6

    Have some fun with color. Any color shoe will work with jeans. Match your shoe color to the color found in your top, or the trim of your jeans.

  • Step 7

    Be comfortable. Athletic shoes, including running shoes, hiking boots and after-swim slip-ons, have gained wide appeal and acceptance as the ultracasual mate to denim. Socks are optional, but wear them with longer jeans for a more balanced look.

  • Tips & Warnings
    • Women: When venturing out in sandals, remember your toes! Touch up toenail polish, and ensure that the color complements your outfit.
    • When your good leather shoes get caught in the rain or land in a puddle, blot the excess moisture and air dry. Avoid drying them with any heat sources, as this will parch the leather and damage the shoe.

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