Tmall and Taobao under attack

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Tmall is one of the main part of Taobao, I think most of you should know it.

Recently more than 50, 000 small tmall sellers organized together and attached those main big tmall sellers online to object that Tmall raise the anual fees too much…  Commerce Department of China had to step up and told taobao should take action to prevent getting worse.

Mayun, CEO of Alibaba, announced they will put off the plan of raising fees for a year depends on the situation.

The government also appealed they should take legal ways to do right-safeguarding, I think they chose the easier and faster way.


Background info:

10th, Oct, 2011, Tmall released their new fees rules:  All sellers on Tmall need to pay tech anual fees and raise from 6000RMB to “30 000 and 60000RMB”;  Guarantee fees raise from 10, 000RMB to “50 000,  100 000, or  150 000RMB”,  so the smaller sellers really got pissed off on the new policy, and orgnized a full online attack to few main Tmall sellers.

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