Free Taobao Agent

Free Taobao Agent

Taobao is one of the largest online shopping mall in China, from fashion to electronics, food to daily use, all kinds of products. You would be familiar to this if you shopping from China often.

And a free taobao agent is those agents who could offer their taobao shopping service for free to you!

So what you waiting for? Join us for FREE now!!

Who need us? and Why?

Target Customers: who wholesale from different suppliers, even different places in China, and need orders delivered in one lot. We will collect all items and repack in China, then combined deliver to you. It saves you much trouble and time to deal with those Chinese suppliers one by one yourselves. Start your online china wholesale easily.

Our Advantages: Selected quality FREE  online china wholesale resources, Service fees FREE!, Shopping or wholesale from multiple suppliers(One stop wholesale), More professional in orders processing and payments, Fast combined deliveries/dropshipping worldwide,  Based in China, Better customer service,   Easy ordering process, No communication barriers and hassle free, Most important thing keep you away from those scammers !

We totally understand there would be a transition period to your fully trust, you could always try some sample orders before your larger ones!  And you know scammers can’t be in business for a long time,  we already in business for more than 2 years, check out our domain age! ,  the register date can’t be faked with the whois info, and hundreds of positive feedbacks too, all these mean something.

Do your shopping with these China online wholesalers, it’s equal to shopping in the entire China wholesale markets!! The whole China products collections! To be your window to the entire China wholesale markets!

More info, please check out our About Us , How to Order page.