Bars in Guangzhou for expats

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It would be fantastic to get a nice bar to drink something when you are in Guangzhou, but not many new expats knew those places, so follow us on this introduction to Guangzhou Bars! Enjoy!!

Paddy Field

Address:G/F, Central Plaza, 38 Huale Rd.
Telephone:  83601379
Introduction:The Paddy is traditional with plenty of wood, photos and fixtures related to Irish history and culture on the walls. Beers include Guinness and Kilkenny on tap

Tang Club

Address:Jian She Liu Ma Lu
Telephone:  8558 5597
Introduction: Link

Back Street

Address:East gate of Guangdong Museum of Arts, Ersha Dao
Telephone:  8384 1638
Introduction:Located to the east gate of the Guang Dong Museum of Arts, in Ersha Dao, “Back street 38#” is a jazz bar & restaurant surrounded by a lovely bamboo forest.


Xiaoshan (Little hill) Bar

Address:Outside Baiyun Hotel, 367 Huanshi Dong Rd.
Telephone: 8333 3998-3913
Introduction:Great atmosphere, good food. One of the favorites for the expats in the city.

New Era

Address:Next to entrance of Guangzhou Martyrs Cemetery Park, Zhongshan-3 Rd.
Introduction:Like a rainbow shooter, this multi-themed club looks pretty but doesn’t always go down smooth.



Address:At the Eastern Entrance of Tianhe Sports Center , Tiyu Dong Rd.
Telephone: 3879 6626
Introduction:One of the most premium place of night life and vogue in Guangzhou. Hot, chic and expensive. Full range of liquor.


Baby face bar

Address:83, Changdi Damalu Rd.
Telephone: 8335 5771
Introduction:Don’t believe the hype! While this small and overcrowded disco is often filled with the fashionable wannabes, it’s only smoke and mirrors.


Shui Bian(Waterfront)Bar

Address:Rm. 102, Block 15, Ji Nan Garden, Shi Pai Dong Rd.
Telephone: 3889 9695
Introduction:Not easy to find, but a lovely little lair it is, with Chinese Opera and other performers. Good prices, must try the hot yellow wine.


Golf bar

Address:Next to Yongya Shanfang Restaurant (outside Yuexiu Park), Huanshi-Zhong Rd.
Telephone: —
Introduction:Despite the lousy layout and the worst dance floor in town, Golf Bar is now geek chic central.
China Box

Address:No.3, Heping Rd. Huanshi Dong Rd.
Introduction:The details count in terms of the decor and atmosphere. The extensive drink list accompanies creative-sounding shots.


Show Bar

Address:G/F Tian-an Building, 960 Jiefang-bei Rd.
Telephone: 8666 5666
Introduction:Still the busiest show bar in town, and while the quality of the acts might occasionally be rather questionable, the atmosphere is always pumped.


Golden Mango Bar

Address:361, Huanshi Dong Rd. (Near Baiyun Hotel)
Telephone: 8359 7564
Introduction:Dude, where’s my fruit? The name is the only taste of the exotic you’ll find in this laid back venue. Happy hour(5pm to 8pm) in a relaxed atmosphere to sip on a pint and watch the game.


Elephant & Castle Bar

Address:363, Huanshi Dong Rd. (Near Baiyun Hotel)
Telephone:8359 3309
Introduction:A popular spot to jumpstart the evening or settle down for football and billiards. Good venure to catch those live sports matches.



Address:1 Floor, Ru Yi building, 20-1, Tai He Gang Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou.
Telephone:  8768 5588
Introduction:An opulent oasis formed after the party paradises of New York, London and Hong Kong, NoXXi offers a plush, intimate haven in which to enjoy a high energy atmosphere, luxurious service and some of Asia’s top music DJs.



Address:No. 9, Jianshe Liu Ma Lu, Guangzhou
Telephone: —
Introduction:Sometimes it may be very difficult to estimate the price of dining environment in quantity. But 9th Garden is absolutely an exception. Go in, and you’ll find it out.


Wine & Tapas

Address:No. 98, Taojin Lu, Guangzhou
Telephone: 8358 7779 / 8358 7890
Introduction:A friendly place to enjoy wine, Spanish cuisine and more wine.


Bar Country

Address:171-182 yanjiang xi Lu
Telephone:8826 1321


The Cellar

Address:16 jianshe Liu Ma Lu

Telephone:8380 9990

Introduction:It’s tricky divide to tackle,with wine not necessarily associated with loud house music.early in the enening ,the atmosphere is more relaxing with chilled out music,but after 10PM the whole place turns into a wild and funky zoo for more progressive house music fans.



Address:5/F,Ocean Commercial Plaza,414-416 huanshi Dong Lu

Telephone:8760 9523

Introduction:Offering the best on-stage talent there is to find in town ,B-Boss is the buzz of the whole city.On ladies night(WED) and men’s night(THURS) the wall tremble with pleasure.

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