Guangzhou Metro to speed up your life and trip

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Guangzhou Metro Corporation (GMC), a large enterprise fully owned by Guangzhou Municipal Government, was established on December 28, 1992. Presently, it has assets of 35.4 billion yuan and employs 14035 people. It not only undertakes responsibility for construction, operation and management of the track transport system in the city, but also engages in a diversified industry that focuses on the development of metro-related resources.
     The network, which transfixes all directions of the 150 kilometers, has been formed in Guangzhou, with an average passenger capacity of 1850,000 passenger trips per day. Lines under construction include the extension of Line 2/8, the north extension of Line 3, Line 4(Huangcun to Chebeinan section), Lines 6, GuangFo Line and Section of the Pearl-River-Delta Inter-city Track Transport and Automatic Passenger Transport System for Zhujiang New Town, which is the sub-project of the civil transportation project for the central district of Guangzhou. Under the guideline of integrity in business development and a mission of better serving the benefit of society, GMC pursues proactive services, people-orientation, scientific management, learning and innovation and the as promotion of a sustainable and healthy development.

Guangzhou metro would be very convenient when you travelling here,  too crowded with the bus..  it’s wise to choose metro, a time saver, faster and more comfortable.

(Guangzhou Metro System Map,  click to enlarge)

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