Guangzhou Antique & Jade Market

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Guangzhou Antique & Jade Market,  there is some basic information about this local antique & jade market we would like to introduce.

In this Guangzhou Wholesale markets directory, we will introduce a series of wholesale markets in Guangzhou, included all kinds of related business. We believe it would be very helpful. And if you need any help, welcome to contact us!

Guangzhou Antique & Jade Market   (Guangzhou Wholesale Markets Guide 12.5)


1. Xiguan Antique City

Adress:Crossstreet of Fengyuan Lu and Longjin Xilu,Liwan District

Xiguan, located in Liwan District, is traditionally an antique market famous in Guangdong Province or even in South China. Xiguan Antique City, situated between Fengyuan Lu and Longjinxi Lu, is the only antique market approved by cultural relic management departments. At the market are collected together about 100 stores on both sides of the 500-meter-long street. Traditional Xiguan culture has made well-known antique collectors who mainly deal with old pottery and porcelain,famous scripts and paintings throughout the ages, the four treasures of traditional study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper) and jade articles are all found here. Not all the antiques available are originals, so it will challenge your appraising abilities. Moreover, exhibitions, evaluation meetings and auctions are held from time to time. Transportation: Bus No. 2, 25, 55, 66, 74, 8 and get off at Pantang Stop.
2. The Street for jade articles
Hualin Street, located on Xia-jiu Lu, is a large market for jade. The street is bordered by Xilaizheng Street, Hualinxin Street,Huanlinsiqian Street, Maolingzhi Street and Xinsheng Street. Hualin Street boasts more than 80% of Guangzhou’s dealers of jade articles and over 90% of the trading volume in Guangzhou, with an annual business volume of over RMB100 million. Diversified all kinds of jade articles, as well as excellent workmanship and moderate prices, attract millions of domestic and overseas merchants and tourists,making it the famous collecting and distributing center for jade articles. At the core of Hualin Street is a newly-built Hualin Building which is the largest indoor jade market on the street.
Besides, the office of the Guangdong Bullion & Jewellry Inspection Centre on the street can ensure customers they will not buy fake articles.
Transportation: Take Bus No. 114, 17, 181, 226, 238, 239, 251, 288, 297, 521 and get off at Hualinsi Station..
3. Yuansheng Crafts Market

The largest collecting and distributing center for crafts in South China is the Yuansheng Crafts Market which is located on Yuansheng Street of Daihe Lu between Kangwang Lu and Wenchangbei Lu, neighboring on Xiajiu Lu Shopping Street and Hualin Jade Street. Nearly one thousand stores stand on
both sides of the 1000-meter-long street with various crafts available. Moreover, all the stores are architects of
traditional Xiguan style. It’s said that the market attracts about ten thousand domestic and overseas customers each day. Not only is it a crafts market dealing with pottery, porcelain and jade, but also it is the largest exchange market between Guangdong,Macau and Hong Kong for antiques and antique imitation crafts.
Transportation: Take Bus No. 114, 17, 181, 226, 238, 239, 251, 288, 297, 521 and get off at Hualinsi station.


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