Guangzhou Computer & Mobile Market

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Guangzhou Computer & Mobile Market guide page. We will introduce some basic info about this local wholesale market here.  If you are looking for Computers, Mobiles and related products… You need to check out this page!!

In this Guangzhou Wholesale markets directory, we will introduce a series of wholesale markets in Guangzhou, included all kinds of related business. We believe it would be very helpful. And if you need any help, welcome to contact us!

Guangzhou Computer & Mobile Market  (Guangzhou Wholesale Markets Guide 15)

Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre

Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre/Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre

Products: all sorts of electric appliances including TV sets, DVD players and audio products.

Description: both are actually retail markets that pool all levels of electric appliances, including most big brands. However, the prices the businessmen claim in this sort of markets are usually fairly flexible, you may find the bargaining skill can help your pocket a lot. And if you are a real know-how, you can get what you want at an amazingly practical price.

Address: Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre, No. 9 – 19, Dongfeng Xi Lu, Guangzhou
Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre, No. 23 – 45, Dongfeng Xi Lu, Guangzhou 510 160

Tel: 020 8181 2683, 8181 4288-278 (for Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre)
020 8183 7127 (for Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre)

Bus lines: 4, 12, 46, 55, 62, 121, 124, 198, 215, 253, 276, 283, 289, 290 (for Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre)
4, 12, 34, 52, 55, 62, 80, 121, 124, 134, 215, 232, 241, 283, 289 ((for Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre))

Copy Mobiles(also called replicas or imitation)

Nan Fang Da Sha or NanFangDasha

Adress: NanFang Building International Electronic & Digital City, XiDiErMa Road,GuangZhou
Mobile phones distribution center in Guangzhou. Thousands of spare parts stores based there.
You can find anything you are looking for concered with mobile phone.
Bus:1,31,38,57,64,64,128,131,186,208,219,236,281,538,552, 556,L2,night1,night3,night7,night26,night31,

Computer Market

Pacific Computer Market
Pacific computer market is one of largest computer market in China.
Lies in the downtown Guangzhou,convinent transportation ,make it
easily to get by bus and metro. More than thousand of
stores supply a rich selection of Notebook,brand
computers,computer spare part,software,Mp3,MP4,PSP,Digital camera
and any other thinngs connected to computers.


Metro stop: Gangding
BUS stop: Guangding, by 18 22 178 191 194 197 210 214 224 229 234 33 248 269 296 515 547 240


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