Guangzhou Fabric Wholesale Market

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Guangzhou Fabric Wholesale Market, if you are purchasing materials for your factories or companies, this is a must-read resource guide page.

In this Guangzhou Wholesale markets directory, we will introduce a series of wholesale markets in Guangzhou, included all kinds of related business. We believe it would be very helpful. And if you need any help, welcome to contact us!

Guangzhou Fabric Wholesale Market  (Guangzhou Wholesale Markets Guide 07)

Guangzhou Zhongda FABRIC MARKET

Zhongda Fabric Market together includes 4 different Zones: Fabric Zone, Fur zone, Support material Zone and Curtain/hometextile Zone, So any kind of fabric(warp or weft kintting fabric or weaving fabric of any material) for any kind of clothes or hometextile, we could find out there. Also lace, ribbon, embroidery, braid, elastic belt, bra cup, button, ironing diamond or small hardware for clothes could find out there well. So for lowering your fabric cost, why not try to source there in Zhongda. Many booths display out their products, so more competition, more price discount.

“Zhongda Changheng Fabrics & Accessories Commercial City is leading the fashion trend of garment fabrics

Scale:The commercial city covers nearly 50,000 sq.m., with more than 1000 brand traders.
1. A fabric market with 8-10m wide passages

2. A fabric market installed with central fire control spraying system.

3. A fabric market with 24-hour fireproof and theftproof monitoring.

4. A market set with large-scale parking garage.
Main fabrics:silk, cotton, colored fabric, fabric for men’s garments, satin, chemical fabric, fabric for wedding dress, jean, lining, plush, flocking, etc.

Main accessories:fur, paillette, lace, button, garment trademark, etc.



Highsun Fabric Market

Guangzhou Highsun Fabric Market—where you can pick the material you want and get custom made shirts, business suits, beddings and curtains for a tenth of the cost that you would get it for in most of the western countries. You can get fabric of sundry materials and patterns that can be imagined, of course, of different
grades of quality.
Not like Hoi An, where almost every shop provides selling and tailoring at the same time, here, most of the shops are specialized for cloth selling or tailoring, which makes them more professional in the particular service. Labels of production place are tagged, as well as the price, so you don’t need to worry about the hassling bargain, but they will lower the price if you buy more, and the wholesale price is about 60% of the retail one.

Many of the curtain shops sell the textures and process the curtains for free. Multifarious styles of curtains can be found there, the classical one in elegant color and design, the modern one such as double curtain, and the folded one in oriental style. You can choose the textures and have them process in a shop, and you just have to pay the textures and the accessories. A set of (2m*2m) medium grade jacquard fabric curtain, with the lace and other ornaments, is about $16. You may have a better price when you buy more. The wholesale price is also around 60% of the retail one.

ADDRESS:guangzhou yan jiang dong lu 429-431

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