Intro to Guangzhou wholesale markets and manufacturers (Part 01)

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When you come to Guangzhou, and want to look for some resources in Guangzhou wholesale market,  the first most important landmark you should know is Guangzhou Railway Station.

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There are 3 main areas around the Guangzhou Railway Station, all not far from each other,  Guangzhou fashion wholesale market, Guangzhou handbags wholesale market and Guangzhou shoes wholesale market.

We would like to intro the Guangzhou fashion wholesale market first, and especially “The Top Clothes Underground Wholesale  Centre of Asia“. It’s located at the opposite end of Guangzhou Railway Station, there are more than 20 entrances to the underground wholesale market,  2 levels. Primary business: Korean women clothing, men garments, underwear, swimsuits…  Specialty like “Korea town”, “Back Street Boys”, “Ladies Street”, etc. Most of the stores are the factory stores from those fashion companies. It leads the fashion wholesale trends in business, so it should be a place worth your visit.


(Photo by Simon, Original work from, click to enlarge)





These above are just few shots of the small parts of this underground wholesale market, when you are there, you would know how big the Guangzhou wholesale market  it is! 🙂

Although this is the main wholesale market, there are still many other fashion wholesale building around the area, actually all above the underground wholesale market..  There you go, with some photos we shot.

Baima wholesale market and Yima wholesale market kinda famous so everybody knows.. They wholesale all kinds of middle and high range quality fashion clothes.

Others you could check around.



More coming up soon …

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