How it Works?


It’s actually pretty easy, download the Order Form, and make the order list, we will take care of the rest job…

Step 1: Browse the wholesale categories or Other Chinese websites for the products, and put into the order list, then email us.Step 2: we will calculate the total cost included freight, and update youStep 3: Please send us the payment based on the total cost in updated order formStep 4: We will buy all the items immediately after paid, and arrange the delivery asap once collected all the itemsStep 5: Please wait for your package after we delivered

[Download the order form–> browse the wholesalers directory–> choose the items to make your order list, email us–>we will take care of the rest work.]


◆Download◆:          Order Form;          Example Order;          Invoice Templet.



China buying service

Here it’s the detail of making an order, you could check the following steps:

1. Find the wholesalers/suppliers you like (in Fashion Bop Local Wholesalers Categories or Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Yandex, or China Alibaba, or or any other Chinese wholesale websites),  at least they have lots of items you need or like,  and you could buy from multiple suppliers/wholesalers at the same time ;

◆2. Download the Order Form (you could find it on Download Area below too, or just Click here);

◆3.  Browsing those suppliers’ products categories, and choose the items you like,  and then copy and paste the link of each item(original ‘items links’ from the suppliers), ‘quantity’ and ‘unit price’ into the  Order Form (included your full ‘contact info’); if you don’t know how to fill in the order form,  here it is the help, please download our Example Excel Order, or check out the following screenshots. If you use Google translate service, please always copy the original items links.

links and prices from wholesale website

links & price from

[If you use Translation Tools, please always use & copy the original links as above.]

fashion bop order form

[Basic info:  please enter the item links , qty, unit price and contact details into the order list as above.]

◆4. Email  us the order form (, or our backup email, and wait for our update;

◆5. We will estimate and calculate the total cost included freight/shipping cost,  and wait for your payment.

◆6. We collect, check, repack and deliver your package, and you’ll receive it soon.

If you have any more questions,  please feel free to contact us. Thanks!   ⌒ǒ⌒

(We also listed some frequent asked questions on Frequently Asked Questions page which could be found at the head of the site, you could get some answers by yourselves up there.  For shortening the loading time of this page,  all comments, feedbacks and questions,  please go to our Feedback Page, especially our customers who already made the orders, we will appreciate if you leave us a positive feedback, and we will do our best to improve our service!)


◆Download◆:    Order Form;        Example Order;     Invoice Templet.



[Our order form is an excel file, if you don’t  have Microsoft Office, and don’t want to buy the software, you could always try a marvelous Software called Kingsoft Office. Works just like Microsoft Office, but Totally FREE! ]