Ice Hot Cool

ICE HOT COOL SLIMMING GEL —  A easier way to lose weight fast & healthy!

ice hot cool slimming gel wholesale

(Ice Hot Cool gel price:  20RMB($3.3USD)/piece,  50pcs minimum,  wholesale only.)

Why choose ice hot cool:

Cool spell through the fat with fat decomposition, a direct effect on body fat, full crushed stubborn fat fast, fat, thin, where through the grease cool contain Addict Firming factors, the skin can repair broken fibers, the stretch marks and can tighten the skin, get rid of stretch marks.

Ice hot cool Specification: 100ML

How to use Ice Hot Cool slimming gel:

Left three right three times, taking a small amount of the product evenly on the fat accumulation massage and rub at where you think need to burn and slim down. Use it day and night to bring up more good result.

Main ingredient in Ice hot cool:

Synthetic dogfish oil, chili oil, VB3, shea butter, dimethylsiloxane, cactus extract, soybean isoflavones.

Benefits of Ice hot cool gel:

Contains a variety of alkaloids and vitamins, fat by activating micro-circulation, increase the concentration of free fatty acids, which promote biolysis, so that excess fat, water, oil spill state of the body, so fat on grain significantly improved the appearance of the skin, while from a variety of plant extract plant fruit cream to form a protective film in the subcutaneous tissue, inhibit fat metabolism in the subcutaneous layer of fat infiltration increases the surface density, to prevent loose skin after weight loss full.
Suitable for all types of obese & people who tenses to slim down.

Shelf life of Ice hot cool: 2 years

Who could take Ice hot cool:

People who don’t like diets: The thing about diets is most of them do not take into account what the person wan ts. When you go on a diet, you are fitting into the needs of the diet, instead of focusing on yourself. Slimming pil ls allow you to focus on who truly matters: you. Slimming tablets become part of your daily routine, especially if you do not want to follow a rigorous diet. This works for single mothers or busy working mums who do not have the time to fuss over diets. Therefore, slimming pills fit into the raw necessities of your life without any creases.

(Warning: Not suitable for pregnant women, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

Testimonials & Sucessful Stories on Ice Hot Cool

ice hot cool slimming gel testimonials

ice hot cool slimming gel testimonials

ice hot cool gel

(Ice Hot Cool gel price: 20RMB($3.3USD)/piece, 50pcs minimum, wholesale only.)

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