There are currently 6 payment options on Fashion Bop, and “T/TWU and MG” are highly recommended.   If you want to pay, please email us your payment info included all necessary details once you are done.

Before you pay, everyone would ask himself/herself, whether this is a scam? Very important if you think so.   We totally understand there is trust transition period between us, you could try us some sample orders!  And you know scammers can’t be in business for a long time,  we already in business for more than 6 years, please check out our domain age at ,  the register date can’t be faked.

 Please read the following payment instructions carefully.

◆1. Bank Transfer / Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)

[Recommended for those large payments]

If you use Direct Bank/Telegraphic Transfer(preferred), you could use our usual Bank Accounts as below, any one will be ok. And for  European countries, IBAN code is only with your local banks,  there is no such with Chinese banks.

[IMPORTANT!: When bank transferring the payments, if your local bank asking for reasons, you could leave that blank or just state it as “personal use” “personal payments” or “service fees Please DO NOT leave reasons on the bank receipt like “payments for order xx“, “payment for clothes/bags/shoes…order“, if so the payments might not be easily credited into our account or mostly would be delayed a lot. ]

(Please send any payments in USD or EURO if possible, exchange rate: 1USD = 6.10 RMB)

CHINA MERCHANTS BANK              .BANK OF CHINA (Preferred)

ICBC logo


◆2. Western Union (WU,;

◆3. MoneyGram      (MG,

[Recommended for those medium amount payments, no extra fees required]

WesternUnion   (Preferred)               

If you use Western Union or MoneyGram,  Please do remember Email, PM or Text message us the remittance details in time, included MTCN code(for WU)/Reference Number(for MG),  your full name, payout amount,  original currency, and country, or just simply send us your receipt scan copy.

(Please send the payment in USD if possible, and don’t mix the sequence of beneficiary.)

Beneficiary:   Chunhua  Liu

Given name(first name): Chunhua;      Surname(last name):  Liu

Address: Xinshi, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, 510000, Guangdong, China

Tel: +86(0)136 6021 7902


 ◆4. Paypal  (PP,


available for total amount < 500USD. please add 5% transaction fees into total.

Paypal is one of the most popular payment method in the world! 🙂 very convenient for small amount transactions.


 ◆5. Xoom  (


(available in few countries, check available countries on xoom.)

But if you use some third party online payment gateway like (heard they support paypal balance :),  it means you could use your paypal balance to pay through! But it will take a little more time on the exchange settlement  like USD to RMB), and we have a special Bank Account for that as bellow. So please inform us how you’d like to pay first before you do.



  (popular in Russia,  under test.)

If you want to use UNISTREAM to pay, which is very popular in Russia.  For more information you could visit

Please choose the division Guangzhou City bai yun dist. Airport st.1073 (510410)” when you filling the form.


[Just  noted: if you need the Certificate of Origin, please add 150RMB extra, we will use this payment get it from the government org. Especially useful for countries from European Union(E.U.).  And about exchange rate,  we will update if the bank exchange rate changes for over 2 weeks.]

*Note: All transaction fees here are charged by bank or 3rd party, not by

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