Skin79 Powder

1. Skin79 Hot Pink Sun Protect Beblesh Pact

BB Compact That Provides Potent Protection From The Sun

  • Presents fresh skin without being oily from sebum or sweat.
  • Prevents erasing make-up by sweat or sebum, with fluorine compound coated powder.
  • Protect the clean and healthy skin from UV rays with miniatured balanced ingredients.

Skin79 Hot Pink Powder wholesale price: ¥40 RMB ($6.30 USD/piece,  20 pcs minimum).  Wholesale Only!



Real shots and Exp date would be always updated with new stocks.


2.  Skin79 Diamond UV Screen Beblesh Pact


  • Blocks both UV A and B and 3D coating powder keeps your skin look luminous wth shine.
  • A Pact that keeps your skin matte and sheer all day long with an effective sebum control powder ingredients.
  • Botanical extract allows to keep the moisture that skin needs and is perfect for comfortable and easy wear.

Skin79 Diamond Powder wholesale price:  ¥43 RMB ($6.77 USD/piece,  20 pcs minimum).  Wholesale Only!


3.  Skin79 Skinny Mirror Pact


  • 360 degree rotating mirror, do your make-up liberally. This is a comfortable, sebum controlling, high coverage pact.
  • A natural hint of floral fragrance is designed for sensitive skin types.  Best if used with a BB Cream for a clean and natural looking skin.
  • Provides a broad spectrum of sun protection from harmful UV rays, also naturally covering imperfections most naturally and beautifully.


 Skin79 Mirror Pact wholesale price: ¥45 RMB ($7.08 USD/piece,  20 pcs minimum).  Wholesale Only!



And we could also supply all kinds of other products of Skin79 family, please email us for more details. Thanks.





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