Translation Tools

If you can’t read those Chinese on our local wholesalers, please always remember to use translation tools.  It’s very handy!

[Google Translation Tools;    Yahoo Tools;     Bing Translate]


1. Google Tools

 A. Translation Browser ButtonsClick to Install
Add a translation  button to your browser’s Links Toolbar to translate web pages or pieces of text with a single click. While surfing the web, if you find a piece of text you’d like to translate, select the text with your mouse and click the browser button. If you want to translate a whole web page, simply click the button.


   B. Google Toolbar Click to Install

You can use translation function by click the button   on the toolbar to translate web pages instantly with automatic language detection.

google toolbar


   C. Google Browser ChromeClick to Install
Chrome is an web page browser developed by Google. By default, Chrome is having the translation function which can help you translate the whole page from other languages to your local language by simply clicking the translate button on the top. In the mean time, it’s also a browser with very high performance.
google chrome translate

D.  Google Translate

If you don’t like install any buttons or toolbar, you could simply visit

and input the link url or page, and then hit ‘Translate’.

google translate


2. Yahoo Tool

Yahoo! Babel Fish — go to visit
It also provides text, web page translation and toolbar.
yahoo translate tool


3.  Bing Translate

It’s similar to Google translate, webpage based online translate.

and input the link url or page, and then hit ‘Translate’.

bing translate