A Good China Agency Service for Your buying from Local Chinese Wholesalers/Suppliers.

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Who is Fashion Bop suitable for?
1. Trade companies & Physical Stores: You can’t come to China all the time, a reliable business partner would be very useful;
2. Wholesale & Shopping websites: It’s very important to have someone to organize and take care of your purchases, delivery and other things in China;
3. Blogshops & Shopping sprees: It takes too much time on your own with those local suppliers, because you are not that familiar with Chinese;
4. Family & Friends Group Buying: Collecting all those items for yourself? Not that possible.  It would be much better collected and repacked before left China.
Why choose Fashion Bop?
  Selected quality local China wholesalers;
▶  First Hand competitive local wholesale stock;
  Service fees FREE basically!  No extra costs!!
  Free repacking, and expedited combined delivery/dropshipping service globally; 
▶  One stop wholesale with multiple local China suppliers, very convenient;
  No communication barriers, No BS !! 
▶  Full time working agency, stable, more professional & friendly customer support;
  100% verified trustful wholesalers. Absolute NO SCAM!!  It’s a guarantee;
  100% money back! if we failed to make the order and delivery.


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